Weather-Proof Your Custom Garage: 6 Helpful Tips

Weather-Proof Your Custom Garage: 6 Helpful Tips

When you live in the Twin Cities, the thought of using your garage year-round might strike you as improbable, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Enjoying your garage every season is possible, but only when you have the right components in place.

Let’s look at practical weather-proofing methods to make your custom garage a cozy temperature for every season!

1) Implement Quality Weather Stripping

Have you ever noticed that strip of material on the bottom of your garage door? That’s called weatherstripping, and it serves a fundamental purpose. Given its name, you can probably guess its primary function: to protect the interior of your garage from the weather. It’s prudent to keep a close eye on weatherstripping and properly maintain it.

In addition to the weatherstripping on the bottom of your overhead door, make sure the weatherstripping on all other entry doors is in excellent condition too. Remember that the material can become brittle and start deteriorating over time, so you’ll need to replace it when it looks worn.

2) Install Insulated Windows & Doors

Your custom garage is part of your house, which means it deserves the same premium materials as the rest of your home features. If you have insulated windows and doors throughout the rest of your home, it’s in your best interest to include them in your new garage too.

Implementing insulated doors and windows is an excellent way to regulate the temperature inside your garage and save money on your monthly energy bills. Standard windows and doors can allow considerable indoor-outdoor heat transfer that can affect the temperature in the rest of your home, so keep that in mind.

3) Include Insulation

Yes, your garage can benefit from insulation! While many garage owners take the bare-bones route, that’s definitely not the best way to protect your investment from the elements. With garage insulation, the structure will benefit from robust protection against temperature extremes that may contribute to certain forms of deterioration over time.

4) Select a High-Quality Garage Door

Regarding garage doors, you have a laundry list of options, but they’re not all created equal. Some garage door brands are known for producing premium-quality products, while others have more of a budget-friendly reputation. Of course, most brands have a range of products designed to suit varying budgets, but be aware that the more affordable the door is, the more quality points you’ll sacrifice.

When investing in a custom garage addition, it only makes sense to invest in a premium door. Selecting one with insulation delivers additional energy savings for your home and more robust protection against extreme temperature fluctuations and ambient moisture that may cause long-term deterioration.

5) Inspect & Maintain Your Garage Roofing

Believe it or not, the garage roof is pivotal to temperature control in your garage. Heat rises, and when your roof harbors damage like dented or missing shingles, your garage shoots up warm air directly out.

It’s best to inspect your garage’s roofing and siding twice a year, or at least once. The most opportune time to inspect for damage is spring and early fall. Spring inspections help you find any damage inflicted over the winter, while early fall inspections give you a heads up on damage you may want to repair before the cold weather rolls in.

6) Clean & Maintain Gutters

Gutters help direct water flow away from your garage. Clogged, broken, or improperly installed gutters fail to push rainwater away and cause a build-up of moisture on your garage’s roof and around the foundation. Moisture build-up on the roof leads to water damage which can make an occurrence of an ice dam in the winter more likely.

Gutters are often overlooked in weatherproofing a home and a custom garage, but correctly maintained and clean gutters do their part to regulate the temperature around your property!

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