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Should You Consider An Insulated Overhead Door?
Sussel Builders

Should You Consider An Insulated Overhead Door?

As garage builders, one frequent question we receive is, “Do I need an insulated garage door?” At Sussel Garages, we aim to deliver your dream garage, and to do that; you must know what you’re looking for. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the most beneficial reasons to opt for an insulated garage door so that you can choose the best fit for your needs.

Energy Efficiency & Temperature Regulation

Energy efficiency should be a primary concern if you plan to use your new garage heavily. You'll need to consider indoor temperature regulation if you have bedrooms or frequently used living areas adjacent to the garage.

In terms of temperature maintenance and energy efficiency, an insulated garage door outperforms a non-insulated door in several areas. How? Let’s take a look:

Consistent Temperature

Insulation helps maintain a comfortable work environment within the garage by reducing the need for ongoing heating or cooling. Whether you are working on some woodworking on a hot day or entertaining guests with indoor bean bags or card games on a snowy night, the temperature in your garage stays right where you want it.

Effective Vehicle Storage

Insulation helps reduce the effects of extreme heat and cold on parked vehicles. Minnesota is infamous for our drastically cold winters, and these winters don’t make it easy on our motor vehicles. Extreme cold hinders your vehicle’s ability to start, but an insulated garage keeps it ready to fire up on the first try.

Efficient Temperature For Nearby Rooms

Garage door insulation helps regulate the indoor temperature in adjoining living areas (if you have an attached garage). Since your spare bedroom attaches to your custom garage, that spare bedroom benefits from the added insulation layers!

Cut Your Energy Costs

Insulated garage doors help reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling your home. The less your HVAC systems have to work on maintaining the correct temperature, the harder they have to work, putting money back in your pocket.

An insulated door is key if you’re looking to reduce energy costs or make your garage a more comfortable space. Bonus: If you plan to sell your home in the future, an energy-efficient, insulated garage door can boost your resale value by up to four percent!

Superior Durability

Insulated garage doors are constructed differently than single-layer ones, making them more durable over the long term. Generally, insulated garage doors contain a frame filled with core insulation sandwiched between single or dual panels that provide additional strength and structure. Because the door contains multiple layers, it’s far less susceptible to denting and other forms of damage.

Moreover, because insulated doors help maintain a comfortable temperature within the garage, they can help boost the longevity of multiple garage door components. In the Twin Cities, where freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on a garage door’s moving parts, opting for insulation is a beneficial choice.

Noise Reduction

Typically, an unusually loud garage door indicates one or more failing components; however, particular garage doors are more audible than others due to the nature of their construction. Though noise reduction isn’t the most important consideration when choosing your new garage door, it’s a factor that most homeowners appreciate.

Generally, lightweight garage doors make more noise during operation than their insulated counterparts. Much like wall insulation helps to dampen sound between rooms in your home, garage door insulation helps to absorb some of the door’s operational noise.

If you have young children who are easily woken, or even if you simply appreciate your peace and quiet, an insulated garage door is a fantastic choice.

Other Ways to Insulate Your Garage

Insulated doors are not the only way to weather-proof your garage! For instance, you can add weather stripping to your doors, sealing up any small cracks. Conversely, you can install insulated windows and doors or add insulation to your garage attic or walls.

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