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Building a Custom Garage? 3 Things You Need to Do to Properly Maintain It

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Building a custom garage is a major investment and routine maintenance goes a long way in maintaining the value of your new asset. While many homeowners tend to overlook their garages, doing so can prove detrimental, both to the value of the property and the contents of the garage. Curious how to maintain your garage so that it adds to rather than detracts from the value of your home? The experts at Sussel Garages share a few tips below.

Pros and Cons of 3 Heating Options for Your Custom Garage

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If you’re planning to use your new custom garage for auto maintenance, hobbies, woodworking, relaxing, or vehicle storage, chances are you’ll want some form of heating in place. And when it comes to selecting the right garage heating system for your unique needs, you’ve got plenty of options. In this blog, the expert garage builders at Sussel Garages explain the pros and cons of 3 of the most commonly installed garage heating systems.

2 Critical Things You Must Know Before Building a Custom Garage

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Thinking about adding a custom garage to your property? Or maybe you’d like to update your existing garage? Great! But before you get the planning process started, there are several important things you need to know, including permitting requirements, potential neighborhood restrictions, and size requirements, among others. To help you better prepare for your upcoming garage build, the experts at Sussel Garages have outlined a few of those important considerations below.

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