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4 Tips to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

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You’ve invested in a custom garage and you’re totally love in with the space, but, without proper seasonal prep, that investment could suffer damage during the winter season. Like the remainder of your home, your garage must be winterized each year to protect against moisture intrusion, heat loss, and other forms of weather-related damage. This process only requires a few hours of your time, but it’ll pay off handsomely in the long run.

3 Reasons to Finally Complete Your Unfinished Garage

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If you’ve been living with an unfinished garage, how’s that working out for you? Do you keep the door closed all the time because you’re a little embarrassed by its interior? Have your heating and cooling bills risen because your attached garage doesn’t have any insulation? Would you like to get more use out of the space than you currently are?

Planning Tips for Building Your Custom Garage

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If you’re planning to put a custom garage on your property, chances are you’ll use it for more than just a place to park. And with the many varied uses a garage can have, it’s important to understand that when it comes to planning your garage, you’re never constrained to what you might consider “standard” garage building options. To get your creative wheels cranking, below, we’ve outlined a few unique features you may want to add to your garage plan.

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