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Should You Build an Attached or Detached Custom Garage?

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If you’re planning to upgrade your existing garage or build a new custom garage, have you thought about opting for a detached structure? While many homeowners immediately assume an attached garage is the more functional option, that’s not always the case. Below, the expert garage builders at Sussel Garages discuss important things to consider if you’re trying to decide between an attached or detached garage.

Building a Custom Garage: 3 Common Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

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So you’re getting ready to add a custom garage to your property? How exciting! But before you get the process started, it’s important to know when and where garage-building mistakes usually occur. Understanding these mistakes will help you avoid complications and potential disappointments both during and after your build. 

Pros & Cons of Wood Siding for Your Garage

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If you’re getting ready to plan a custom garage, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is the type siding you want to install on the exterior. Exterior siding isn’t just for aesthetics; It serves to protect the structure of your new garage from environmental damage, so you’ll need to choose carefully. To help you make an informed decision based on your design goals, maintenance capabilities, and outdoor climate, the expert garage builders at Sussel Garages outline the pros and cons of wood siding below. 

7 Things to Consider Before Building a New Garage

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Are you thinking about adding a new garage to your home? If you’re looking for additional space, either for your vehicles or to conduct your hobbies, a new garage is a smart investment. At Sussel Garages, it’s our goal to help you bring your dream garage to life and to do that, extensive planning is critical. Below, we’ve outlined three of the most basic initial considerations you should review before beginning your garage planning process.

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