How to Choose the Best Garage Door for Your Custom Garage

How to Choose the Best Garage Door for Your Custom Garage

When you add a new custom garage to your Twin Cities home, one of the most important things you must decide is the type of garage door you’ll install. As the dominant feature of your new garage, the door must be aesthetic, functional for your needs, and most importantly, secure enough to protect your home’s most vulnerable entry point.

When you choose your garage door wisely, you’ll inevitably boost the curb appeal and overall value of your home. But selecting the best product from the vast number of garage door brands can feel like a huge challenge if you’re not sure what to look for. At Sussel Garages, we’re here to help.

Below, we share a few of our top tips for selecting a garage door that will serve and protect your home for years to come.

Think About Curb Appeal

When you’re selecting a garage door, security and functionality are super important. But you can’t deny the need for curb appeal. When you (or anyone else) looks at your home from the street, the garage door can account for as much as 30%-40% of the home’s facade. And because the door is so conspicuous, it must be visually appealing.

Generally, you want your garage door to either match or complement the design and color scheme of your home exterior, especially if you’re building an attached garage. If you’re opting for a detached structure, the door should complement the exterior design of the building.

If you’re unsure which door style, color, and hardware will best complement your existing aesthetic, ask your garage builders for help! They’re experts at capturing your unique design vision and can suggest a number of options that deliver maximum curb appeal.

Consider Energy Efficiency

If you’re building an attached garage, an energy-efficient door is an excellent investment. Not only will an insulated garage door help minimize operational noise, but it will also help prevent the transfer of heat out of your home.

These days, almost every garage door brand offers at least a few energy-efficient options. At Sussel Garages, we only trust the best brands in the industry, which include:

●        Clopay

●        IDC Automatic

●        Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Through decades of experience working with these garage door brands, we know they manufacture quality products that maintain functionality, security, and curb appeal for many years.

If you need help selecting the right energy-efficient garage door to suit your functionality and design needs, let us know! We’re always happy to offer suggestions based on our 100+ years of garage building experience.

Think About Potential ROI

You already know investing in home improvements can boost the value of your home. But not every home renovation yields a decent ROI. Fortunately, installing a high-quality garage door is one of those investments that usually pays off handsomely when it comes time to sell — provided you choose the right type of door.

So what type of door offers the highest potential ROI? Great question! Typically, you’ll get the highest ROI when you opt for one of the following garage door materials:

●        Steel. Garage doors constructed from steel are more durable and long lasting than aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. As such, they offer a higher potential ROI than most other types of garage doors.

●        Natural wood. A long-standing favorite among homeowners everywhere, natural wood garage doors offer a charming aesthetic and long-term performance, provided they’re maintained properly.

●        Aluminum. Lightweight and corrosion resistant, aluminum garage doors offer design versatility and long-term performance. However, they may be susceptible to denting, which makes steel a better option.

Not sure which material or garage door brand is best suited to your unique exterior design and functionality needs? Consult with your garage builder! When you work with Sussel Garages to build your new custom garage, you get the benefit of over 100 years of garage-building experience.

We know which products have proven themselves to stand the test of time, and we can help you determine the material and brand that will best serve your needs.

Ready to Create Your Custom Garage Plan? Contact Sussel Garages

If you’re ready to start planning a custom garage addition on your Twin Cities property, let our team at Sussel Garages help you out! After 100+ years of quality service, we’ve earned the title of Minnesota’s Most Trusted Garage Builder, and we’d love to help you bring your design vision to life.

To learn more or get started, go ahead and request a free estimate or give us a call at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis). You can also contact us online with any questions, and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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