Should You Build an Attached or Detached Custom Garage?

Should You Build an Attached or Detached Custom Garage?

If you’re planning to upgrade your existing garage or build a new custom garage, have you thought about opting for a detached structure? While many homeowners immediately assume an attached garage is the more functional option, that’s not always the case. Below, the expert garage builders at Sussel Garages discuss important things to consider if you’re trying to decide between an attached or detached garage.

Why Are You Building a Custom Garage?

Before you start thinking about whether you’d like to build an attached or detached structure, take a minute to jot down the reasons you’re building a new garage. Ideas to consider include:

●        Are you looking to create additional living space above the garage?

●        Do you need a shop area to work on your vehicles or pursue hobbies?

●        Do you need easy access to a large storage space, either in the garage or above it?

●        Are you simply looking to create more covered parking spaces?

●        Are you looking to create a mother-in-law suite or apartment space?

If you’re looking for easy access to parking — especially if you want to avoid trudging through snow or rain on your way inside — an attached garage is the obvious choice. Too, when you need to be able to access attic space without exiting your house, attached is the way to go. But if you’re looking for a workspace, it might be better to opt for a detached garage since it’ll cut down on work-related noise inside your house. 

What’s the Size and Layout of Your Lot?

The layout of your lot and the position of your house play primary roles in determining the type of garage you can legally build. Minnesota Residential Code has various requirements for building attached and detached garages, so you’ll need to review building code to determine which type of garage you can select.

If your property is large enough that you can opt for either type of structure, consider how much of your yard you’re willing to sacrifice for the garage. It’s also important to think about whether a detached garage will potentially obstruct any views inside your home.

To get an idea of where you might want to position your new custom garage, grab a tape measure and mark off areas where you’d like the structure to sit. Then walk around your property and determine which placement you like best. You’ll also need to speak with your garage builders to determine whether code allows you to build the type of structure you prefer. 

Will a Custom Garage Complement Your House?

Do you own a new home or an older property? Depending on the exterior aesthetic of your home, an attached garage might look out of place. This is especially common with older homes that may need to undergo a few exterior updates.

If you determine a new garage won’t match the exterior of your home, it’s probably best to opt for a detached structure to avoid an incohesive aesthetic. However, if you’re set on an attached structure, ask your garage builders if they can design a garage plan that matches the exterior of your home.

Just keep in mind that a custom garage can augment the value of your home significantly. But to add value, the aesthetic must be cohesive. When the garage stands to stick out like a sore thumb, you may want to consider building a detached structure in the rear of your house if your lot size will accommodate it.

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