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6 Useful Features That Can Enhance the Functionality of Your New Garage

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For most homeowners, a garage is more than just a safe, convenient place to park – it’s a hobby space, a vehicle maintenance space, and sometimes even a hangout space. When you plan to get extensive use out of your new garage, you need more than just a bare-bones basic four walls, a roof, and a door.

Should You Opt for Attic or Storage Trusses In Your New Garage?

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Contemplating building your dream garage this summer? Thinking about upgrading your current garage? Have you thought about what kind of trusses you’d like to have? For most homeowners, the garage is far more than a safe place to park — it’s a project space, a mechanic’s bay, a storage area, and sometimes, it’s simply a place to hang out and have fun.

Electric Service: What Level Is Appropriate for Your Garage?

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If you’re working with garage builders on a custom garage plan, one of your most critical considerations during the planning process is electric service. How many amps should opt for? Do you need just enough service to operate the overhead door and interior lights? Or should you opt for more electricity to support additional use of the space?


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