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6 Tips for Building a Multi-Purpose Garage
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6 Tips for Building a Multi-Purpose Garage

If you’re planning to invest in a new custom garage, shouldn’t you optimize the space for usability? After all, a garage is essentially an extension of your home, and it can do far more for you and your family than provide a safe place to park your vehicles.

If you’re curious about how to plan out a multi-purpose garage, you’re in the right place. Below, the expert garage builders at Sussel Garages share a few valuable tips to get you started.

Define Zones Within the Garage

Think about all the ways you’d like to use your garage. Do you need space for vehicles? Will you work on projects in there? Will some of the space function as a mini storage unit? Do you need additional living space above the garage?

Once you’ve nailed down all of the functions your custom garage will serve, you’ll need to create distinct zones in your garage plan for each area you need. Create a zone for storage, one for vehicles, one for hobby projects, etc. If you need additional living space, ask your garage builders to work that into your garage plan.

The options are virtually unlimited — you can create just about anything you can dream up. As you create different zones, keep these things in mind:

●        Organization. Set deliberate boundaries between zones, so you know where you’ll need to install specific components. Boundaries also keep everything organized once you start using the space.

●        Logical layout. Consider how all of your zones should fit together in the most logical way. You don’t want a vehicle blocking off your storage space, just as you won’t want the path to your work area blocked off by storage.

●        Determine space requirements. Each zone needs a certain amount of space, so you’ll need to figure out which functions are most important to you and allocate space accordingly. Your garage builder can help you determine how much space you can create according to your local zoning laws and the amount of property you have available for the build. 

Determine the Amount and Type of Storage You Need

If you’re planning to use part of the garage for storage, work with your garage builders to include ample space for shelving, cabinetry, pegboards, a slat-wall, or whatever storage solutions you plan to include.

While many builders don’t include storage solution implementation in their garage plans, they can still help you determine the most suitable locations for those components. Be sure to communicate your storage needs during the garage planning process so your builders can create a functional layout that meets your needs.  

Make It Livable 

If you’re using your garage as a workspace, it should be comfortable; you should enjoy spending time in there. And of course, if you’re planning to create living space above the garage, you’ll have to consider the livability of the lower level too, primarily for energy efficiency purposes.

To make your garage more livable and energy efficient, a few things you may want to consider implementing include:

●        Insulation

●        Heating and cooling

●        Separate electric service if you plan to use power-hungry tools

As you and your builder design your garage plan, you’ll discuss several options for making the space more livable. These additions require careful planning during the design process, so it’s always a good idea to think seriously about what you’d like to include before the planning process begins. 

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