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More Than Just a Parking Space: Unique Ideas for Your Custom Garage
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More Than Just a Parking Space: Unique Ideas for Your Custom Garage

Each room in your home has a unique purpose, a design that makes it different from all the others. While garages have long been designated as little more than dull parking areas or, in many cases, drab household storage areas, a custom garage holds far more potential than meets the eye.

With the right garage design in place, a custom-built garage can become an unexpected yet welcome point of interest in your home. Not only can it add to your property’s overall value, but it can also yield an immediate return on your investment in the form of functional, aesthetic household space. Below, the experts at Sussel Garages discuss a few examples of how to take your garage design to a new level.

Home Gym

Do you love working out but hate the inconvenience of commuting to the gym? Don’t love sharing equipment with a bunch of other sweaty people? Why not build a custom garage that doubles as a home gym?

With the right garage design, the space can more than meet your functionality needs. You can add custom electrical service to the garage, which will allow you to implement the air conditioning and light your gym space needs. And, to keep your workouts comfortable throughout the winter, it’s never a bad idea to add heating too. Selecting an insulated garage door, energy-efficient roofing, and the appropriate wall insulation will also help you maintain a comfortable training space year-round.

Not sure which garage design elements you should include for a home gym? Our Sussel Garages team is here to help! We can help you maximize the functionality of your new space with a comprehensive, custom garage design that satisfies both your architectural goals and usability requirements.

Entertainment Room

Need a dedicated space to kick back and relax? Why not designate your custom garage as an entertainment room? You’ll need to consider the space’s electrical needs in your garage design, especially if you plan to install surround sound, a projector, or televisions. Chances are you’ll want to heat and cool the space, which will also factor into your new garage’s electrical requirements.

If you’re planning to install delicate electronics, you’ll also want to consider moisture control. Keep in mind that if you’d like to create a garage entertainment area, that doesn’t have to be the only purpose your custom garage serves. It can still perform multiple other functions, including storage, parking, etc. When it comes to custom garage design, the possibilities are virtually endless, so get creative! 

Garage Workshop

Need a place to work on vehicles or other DIY projects? Build a custom garage that functions as a workshop! When designing the space, consider what you plan to do inside it so you can make the right decisions regarding the following components.

Electrical Service

How many outlets and adapters will you need? What type and quantity of lighting do you plan to install? Will you cool or heat the space? What kinds of tools and equipment will you use, and their electrical requirements?


If you’re planning to work with chemicals, paint, or other potentially toxic substances, you’ll need to pay special attention to ventilation and designing a space that channels toxic fumes outdoors.


How you plan to use your custom garage plays a primary role in its layout. If you’re planning to operate larger machinery, an open floor plan can accommodate your needs. You’ll also need to consider workflow and how the layout of your garage contributes to the overall organization of your work.

Space Designations

Will the entire garage serve as a workshop, or do you plan to use a portion of the space for storage? Would an additional storage area above the garage help keep the room clean and organized?

Regardless of what you envision for your custom garage, at Sussel Garages, we’re here to make your vision a reality. For over 100 years, our expert planners and garage builders have been working with Twin Cities homeowners to bring their ideas to life. If you have an idea for a custom garage, let us help you make it happen!

Extra Storage Space

Now, this may not be the most glamorous reason to finish your garage, but it will prove effective if you need extra storage space for more fragile items. Sure, you can store more rugged items, like lawnmowers, grills, and other tools in an unfinished garage; but storage for more delicate items requires an upgraded space.

Some of the more fragile items you decide to store can't be placed in a dark, dingy, must garage. Finishing your garage means a cleaner area with ventilation and humidity control. So, a finished garage is perfect for storing items like documents, furniture, and clothing, to name a few. Even better yet, finishing your garage for storage purposes might free up space in your home!

Home Office

In the last few years, we’ve seen a surge in working from home. The future forecast of this looks like working from home will become more and more commonplace. If you start working from home, you might feel your house getting smaller.

Finishing your garage for office space might be exactly what you need! After all, you need to focus on the task at hand. With a whole family in your house during the day, it may be difficult to truly zone in on your work so extra office space might be the answer for you!

Extra Living Quarters

Do you have an extended family member needing a place to stay indefinitely, but you don’t have enough room in your home? Maybe, you want to capitalize and earn passive income from rent? Finishing your garage could mean extra living quarters on your property!

Depending on what type of garage you have, you could finish the top, making it a sweet 1-bedroom or studio apartment to accommodate extended family or rent out for extra income.

Sussel Garages: Expert Garage Builders in the Twin Cities

If you’re considering adding a custom garage to your Twin Cities home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Sussel Garages. We specialize in garage planning and construction and can help you build a plan that meets your design and functionality needs.

To learn more or request a free estimate, call our office today at 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis) or 651-645-0331 (St. Paul). You can also send us a message with your questions, and we’ll be in touch.

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