3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Garage More Liveable

3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Garage More Liveable

So you’re planning to add a custom garage to your Twin Cities home? Have you thought about making that garage into more than just a parking space? Because any garage can be a highly usable, functional, and even liveable space, but unfortunately, most homeowners don’t get as much out of their garages as they could.

If you want to maximize the utility of your custom garage, our garage builders at Sussel can help you do it! Read on to learn a few simple yet effective ways to upgrade the space.

Add a Heating and Cooling System

Want to enjoy time spent in your garage even if outdoor temperatures are super high or low? Consider implementing a dedicated cooling and heating system in a detached garage or integrating your home’s existing HVAC system into an attached garage.

With dedicated heating and cooling, your custom garage becomes far more liveable and able to provide a functional space for a wide variety of activities, including:

●        Working out (turn your garage into a super convenient home gym)

●        Performing auto maintenance and repairs (keep the DIY mechanic in the family comfortable while he/she works)

●        Hobbies (woodworking, welding, etc. are all more enjoyable when you’re not freezing or sweating like crazy)

Garage heating and cooling also allows you to dramatically reduce indoor-outdoor heat transfer in attached garages, which will help you better control the ambient temperature inside your home. What’s more, a little heat in the winter will help control moisture levels in your garage, thereby reducing the likelihood of water-related deterioration caused by tracked-in snow and ice.

Add Insulation

If you want heating and cooling in your custom garage, insulation is an absolute must.

And even if you’re not planning to install heating and cooling, implementing plenty of insulation in your garage can go a long way toward making the space more comfortable and usable.

Not only does insulation help keep the interior of the garage more comfortable but it also helps:

●        Control heat transfer from the interior of your home into an attached garage (and vice versa).

●        Prevent frozen and burst pipes (if you’re planning to run any plumbing through the garage).

●        Control heating and cooling costs by limiting the transfer of cool and warm air between the home and the garage space.

●        Control humidity levels inside the garage, which helps reduce the risk of moisture-related damage to personal items stored in or above the garage.

Create Additional Space Above the Garage

If you really want to maximize the utility of your custom garage, you can’t forget to plan out the space above it! What does that mean? The type of trusses you select during the garage design phase will determine what you can do with the area directly above the primary garage space. 

While standard trusses are a popular choice (and generally, the lowest-priced option), there are other types of trusses that will allow you to actually use the space above your garage. Attic trusses will allow you to create what’s essentially another room, which you can use for storage or anything else you desire — perhaps a man cave or mother-in-law suite?

Storage trusses, as their name implies, will create additional storage space above the garage, which will allow you to maximize the usability of the primary garage space. Without loads of stuff in storage in the garage itself, you can assign the space you’d normally dedicate to storage to something else like a workbench, a gym space, or a hobby area.

Let’s Plan Your Custom Garage!

At Sussel Garages, we’ve been helping Twin Cities property owners build functional, aesthetic custom garages for more than 100 years. In that time, we’ve earned the title of Minnesota’s most trusted garage builder because our entire team is committed to providing our customers will the best garage building experience they can possibly have. If you’re ready to design the custom garage of your dreams, we’d love to help you bring it to life.

To get started, go ahead and request a free estimate or give us a call at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis) to chat about your project!

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