Should You Opt for Attic or Storage Trusses In Your New Garage?

Should You Opt for Attic or Storage Trusses In Your New Garage?

Contemplating building your dream garage this summer? Thinking about upgrading your current garage? Have you thought about what kind of trusses you’d like to have? For most homeowners, the garage is far more than a safe place to park — it’s a project space, a mechanic’s bay, a storage area, and sometimes, it’s simply a place to hang out and have fun.

At Sussel Garages, we know your custom garage isn’t just for your vehicles; it’s for you, too. And for that reason, you probably want more than the basic four walls and a standard roof. No doubt, you want your garage to be as functional as possible, and specialty trusses can help you achieve that. Below, we’ve outlined the benefits of selecting storage or attic trusses for your custom garage project.

Storage Trusses: A Great Way to Stow Your Extra Stuff

Do you have plenty of stuff you need to stow away? Opting for storage trusses over standard trusses on your custom garage provides a functional solution for your storage needs. Not only do storage trusses ensure you make the most of your overhead garage space, but they’re also designed to withstand more load than their standard counterparts.

You’ll enjoy extra space to stow your stuff out of sight, plus quick and easy access to your things when you need them. In terms of pricing, storage trusses are a bit more expensive than standard options, but they’re still a highly cost-effective way to create extra space above your garage.

Attic Trusses: Add Extra Square Footage to Your Property

Need extra space for the humans in your home? Attic trusses are a great way to build additional square footage into your garage. Unlike storage trusses, attic trusses are designed to create a fully occupiable room above your garage, which can be used for virtually anything.

Whether you’ve been dreaming about a man cave, need a spare room for crafting, or even an additional bedroom, attic trusses can make it happen. Even better, building extra square footage into your property above the garage can add thousands of dollars of value to your home.

In terms of cost, attic trusses are considerably more expensive than their storage and standard counterparts; however, the ROI is considerably higher, too. Not sure which type of trusses are best suited to your project goals? Let our garage builders guide you toward the option that not only satisfies your needs but your budget, too!

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