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3 Common Garage Building Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them
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3 Common Garage Building Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them

It’s easy to assume building a custom garage will be a straightforward and fairly basic undertaking — after all, it’s just a simple square building right? It’s not nearly as complicated or involved as building a whole house, right? Not exactly.

Planning and constructing a custom garage isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. Unfortunately, people who make that assumption end up making mistakes throughout the building process that negatively affect the quality of the final project and their satisfaction with the job. Don’t be like those people!

Instead, check out our list of common garage-building mistakes, along with our simple tips for avoiding them below.

Attempting a DIY Build or Remodel

Plenty of homeowners who want to overhaul their existing garage or build a brand new custom garage opt to take the DIY route for several reasons, including:

●        Having some general building skills

●        Wanting to save money

●        Feeling they’d get more satisfaction out of the garage if they handle the project themselves

Of all the reasons people attempt their own garage build, budget constraints are the most prevalent. But unless you have some serious building skills and you’ve completed similar projects in the past, trying to save money by constructing your own custom garage can be a huge mistake. A botched project could end up costing you far more than you might assume.

The fix? If you don’t really have the budget to hire reputable garage builders, it’s probably in your best interest to wait until you’ve saved up the cash. There’s just no substitute for a professional-quality job.

Failing to Plan Every Last Detail

During the garage planning process, many homeowners fail to consider the finer details of their project, which ends up causing budgeting issues down the road. A common oversights include:

●        Whether the garage may need separate electric service

●        Whether the garage should have energy-efficient windows, doors, fixtures, etc

●        Where they’ll store the contents of the existing garage while the build is underway

●        Whether they need or want a special floor coating to cut down on dust

That list is far from comprehensive and since each homeowner’s goals are unique, that list can vary widely from project to project. When you start planning, think long and hard about all the features you want your new custom garage to have, so you don’t make early mistakes that end up snowballing later on in the project.

The fix? When you’re vetting garage builders, make sure you find one that offers comprehensive planning. The pros are well aware of common mistakes and pitfalls and will walk you through the planning process for every last detail of your custom garage.

Not Considering the Need for Additional Storage Space

While most people think about the kind of storage they want inside the actual garage, they fail to consider the possibility that storage can exist above the garage. But having some additional space above your custom garage can give you much-needed room to store tons of stuff out of sight, so it’s something you should definitely think about.

To avoid this mistake, make sure you work with a garage builder who can lay all of your storage options on the table, including specialty design options like attic trusses and storage trusses

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Whether you’re planning to overhaul your existing garage or you’re ready to build a brand new custom garage on your Twin Cities property, our team at Sussel Garages is here to help! We’ve been building custom garages for over 100 years throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, and we’d love to help you bring your unique garage vision to life!

To speak with an expert about your project plans, feel free to give us a call today at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis). You can also request a free estimate online, and we’ll be in touch!

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