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Should Your Garage Door Match Your Home’s Front Door?
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Should Your Garage Door Match Your Home’s Front Door?

Finishing your garage is an exciting part of homeownership. So many benefits come from a fully functioning garage unit that spans far beyond the housing of your vehicles. You can turn that space into a home workshop or an extra living team above. The possibilities and combinations are almost endless for your unit; one of them is exterior design.

If you’re nearing completion of your finished garage, you might have asked yourself, “Should the style of the garage match my home?”

Well, let’s find out below!

Should Garage and Entry Doors Match?

There is no firm answer one way or the other. However, if you want boosted curb appeal and a satisfying visual design across your property, then matching your doors will be the way to go!

Fitting Your Entry Door to Your Garage Door

You may think installing a garage door to match your front entry door is the only way to attain cohesiveness. However, some garage door manufacturers sell matching entry doors to satisfy visual harmony.

How to Match Your Garage and Entry Doors

If you decide you want to match your garage and entry doors, then there are several things to consider along the way.

Architectural Style

To ensure the visual appeal to your home’s exterior properly co-exists with each other, you must consider the style of your property.

Suppose you have a modern house with sleek, sharp designs, then darker and monotone colors with steel framing to match the look of a metropolitan home. Let’s say you have a quant farmhouse on the outskirts of town; wooden doors on your garage and entry door will keep the attractive, cozy comfort you desire.

Match Materials

It goes without saying that to match your entry door and your garage door, you must consider the materials of each one.

Wood is excellent for entry doors but may be challenging to install on your garage door. Fiberglass garage doors may be a way to match your garage door with your entry door as it is lighter and much more cost-effective.

What About Contrasting?

Sometimes, matching your doors may not be the way to go! If your entry door is a bright, eclectic color, you might want to contrast it with a dark and richer tone for your garage. All in all, it’s up to your discretion and tastes!

Finish Your Garage With Sussel’s Expert Builders

Whether you’re building your garage from scratch or just need to match your garage door with your entry door, Sussel Garages can help every step of the way. Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Get a free estimate online or give us a call at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis) today!

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