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Should Your Custom Garage Have Windows?
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Should Your Custom Garage Have Windows?

You’ve been contemplating a new garage for a while now. A new garage gives you the benefit of extra vehicle parking, workspace, or somewhere to hang out on your property. Finally, you have the means to get the ball rolling!

One of the great things about building a custom garage is, well, the customization process. However, you may hit a couple of decisions you may not be sure of, like whether or not to install windows.

Let’s discuss the use of windows in a custom garage and see if it’s the right situation for you!

What Kinds of Garage Windows Exist?

There are four main types of garage windows you can install.

Wall Windows

The name says it all: wall windows are the traditional style for homes and garages. They come in several styles, allowing you to choose fixed or operable windows for added ventilation during the summer months.

Garage Door Windows

The less-obvious window option for your garage is choosing a garage door with windows!

Garage door windows provide ample lighting without using your wall space. You can opt for transparent windows or frosted windows for added privacy without sacrificing natural lighting.


These windows are installed on your roof for maximum natural lighting. Skylights can either be operable or inoperable, just like wall windows.

Glass Entry Doors

If you plan to build a detached garage, glass entry doors can add natural light to your entry point.

Benefits of Adding Windows to Your Garage Design

The most widely known advantage of garage windows is natural light. A garage without windows will feel dark and dingy, especially when you like to spend quality time in it.

Windows installed in a custom garage adds curb appeal as natural light is always a bonus. Additionally, garage windows can match the style of your home, further boosting curb appeal.

Garage Window Disadvantages

While garage door windows provide plenty of perks, there are some potential disadvantages. For starters, garage door windows present a security hazard, as a potential burglar can smash the glass to gain access.

If privacy is important to you, garage door windows may also have you running into a bump in the road, since outsiders can see through them. However, frosted windows or blinds are the perfect counter!

Another disadvantage worth noting is the added cost of installing windows in your garage. The production and installation of glass can be pricey, depending on your financial situation and the current cost of materials.

Choose Sussel Garages for Garage Construction

Whether you choose to install windows on your garage or not, Sussel Garages can assist in garage construction. Check out our gallery for further ideas and resources!

Obtain a free estimate online or give us a call at 612-379-0949 today!

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