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Pros and Cons of Brick or Stone Siding for Your Garage
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Pros and Cons of Brick or Stone Siding for Your Garage

Whether your garage is a recent build or you’re looking to be remodeled, customizing is the most fun and stressful part of all. There are too many options regarding the different types of garage features like siding, windows, and doors that affect its functionality and overall property value hike.

One pivotal facet of a garage exterior is the siding, and one exciting material for possible use is brick or stone siding. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this type of siding and figure out if it’s right for you!

What is Brick or Stone Siding?

Simply put, the use of stone for building is almost as old as human existence. Stone is a durable material that keeps a housing structure fortified and safe. In the present day, stone and brick siding is a siding material luxury of sorts with plenty of benefits and drawbacks depending on your situation.

Stone & Brick Siding-Pros

As mentioned above, stone or brick siding’s use traces back over 100,000 years for plenty of good reasons. Here are some pros of using stone or brick for your garage siding.


In short, if you utilize stone or brick siding for your garage, you may never have to replace your siding ever again! Stone or brick siding last indefinitely if taken care of properly.

Sustainable Building Material

Stone is literally the earth we walk on. So if you have to replace your stone siding in your lifetime, you can rest assured the material is recyclable!

Authentic Feel

There’s no other look like stone or brick siding. Depending on the color and type of stone you use, you can create a warm and inviting presence or show your edgy side with a darker and more gothic look.

Stone & Brick Siding-Cons

Of course, with all the positives of stone and brick siding, there are drawbacks.

Expensive & Difficult Installations

Unless you’re a trained mason, you may need to enlist the services of a professional to install as stone or brick is heavy, laborious, and finicky upon installation.

Strict Building Codes

Many building codes around the county state that you cannot exceed 15 pounds per square foot upon installation, so cutting stone or brick may make the process more time-consuming and laborious.

Install Your Garage Siding With Sussel Garages!

Sussel Garages is proud to install stone or brick siding, but that’s not all! We also install any siding to your garage you wish, including vinyl, steel, cedar, and stucco, to name a few.

Receive a free estimate online or call us at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis) today!

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