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Home Exterior Color Trends 2022
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Home Exterior Color Trends 2022

Building a custom garage is as stressful as it is exciting. On the bright side, you will reap the benefits of the extra space, whether it’s for vehicles, a workshop, storage, or additional living space. On the flip side, there’s a lot of thought and work to put into it. One of the final decisions you have to make is the color scheme you want to go with.

Let’s say you’re redoing the entire exterior of your property for style and simplicity. There are plenty of modern types to choose from when adding color to your garage and home.

Here are some 2022 exterior color trends!

All Black Exterior

Nothing says sleek and modern like an all-black exterior style. On top of its stylish look, all-black exteriors work well on properties with dense vegetation as the rich greens and the sleek black complement each other.

Additionally, it’s best to have vegetation surrounding your dark exterior in the summertime as less heat from the sun will enter the home.

Rich Greens

Green is a color that makes us naturally happy. After all, green is the color of most life, so it’s sure to give you a sense of enlightenment when you see it. So, why not use it as a color style for your garage and home?

Rich greens like forest green or olive green present a delightful hue while still obtaining a soft look about them. If you have an expansive garden or flowers around your property, a rich green color helps complement your natural vegetation.

Warmer, Light Colors

Sometimes, the exterior of your garage and home acts as a canvas for the accents of your house. Nothing is easier on the eyes than warm light. This exterior shade reflects UV rays away from home without spewing out a blinding reflection, so your house can stay cool in the summer without hurting people's eyes.

Warmer, light colors are great if your focal point of style comes from the natural wood of window frames or doors, as it provides a complementary contrast to the rich hue of wood.


Charcoal provides a neutral but eye-catching color design to a home. Charcoal's rich hue is comforting to the eye as it is bold and striking at first glance. This increasingly-popular exterior design color goes excellent with brick cottage homes nestled in bushy tree lines.

Classic Navy

Navy blue is quite the classic color, but a resurgence in popularity brought more demand for it in recent years. Navy blue works well with contrasting trim colors like rich yellows or pearly white. The home styles that fit this color could be a lake or seaside home as well as a victorian home that may need an update.

Earthy Neutrals

Sometimes, you don’t have to go for the flashiest color scheme to make your home and garage really pop. Warm, earthy neutrals personify the natural landscape in and around your home. A coat of light hazel around your home mixed with a deep, rich, dark chocolate gives a contrast without taking it too far and letting your house seem rooted naturally on the land.

Muted Grays & Greens

In the last decade or so, colors related to nature have become the favorite amongst homeowners. It’s a well-known fact that colors we see in nature, like the greenery of a forest or the soothing gray of an overcast sky, are the most calming colors.

When you are home, you want peace and comfort. No other colors do that besides muted grays and greens. So, if you consider your home a sanctuary, these neutral tones will do their part!

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