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Garage Exteriors: Tips for Choosing a Color Scheme
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Garage Exteriors: Tips for Choosing a Color Scheme

Building a custom garage is an exciting but daunting experience. Aside from all the work and red tape you have to go through, a custom garage gives you plenty of benefits like:

●        Safe parking space for your vehicles

●        Extra storage space

●        A place to entertain guests

●        Extra living quarters

However, there is one component of building your garage you haven’t thought of yet: Your exterior color scheme. There are plenty of designs to consider for the interior of your garage, but the exterior offers a litany of options to choose from.

Let’s look at some helpful tips for choosing your color scheme!

Consistency With Your Home

Before you add the exterior of your garage, you may want to consider the style of your home already since a garage is essentially an extension of your property. Keeping with the consistency of your property draws benefits like boosted curb appeal and increased property value.

For instance, if your home has cedar shake siding, installing the same type of siding in your garage may be a good idea if you want to keep the value of your property up.

Color Scheme

When choosing the exterior color for your home, you could go with a cohesive design relative to your home. Matching the color scheme helps generate a view of your property that is pleasing and will be the envy of all your neighbors.

On the other hand, your garage’s exterior color scheme could contrast that of your house. A general rule of thumb to follow when contrasting colors are to avoid mixing cool colors with warm ones, as this may not go over well when finished.

If your home has a cool color, like blue, already installed on the exterior, it’s best to choose a garage exterior on the same side of the color wheel, like a Navy Blue. This color scheme gives your property a sense of cohesiveness and, at the same time, provides this structure with a sense of individuality.

Garage Doors & Windows

A custom garage offers many features that come with more variables in choosing its exterior style. Before purchasing your garage’s doors and windows, you may want to consider the style of ones you have in your home.

For example, let’s say you have a solid oak door for your front door. If possible, choosing a solid wood garage door helps with the visual consistency of the entire property.

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