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Functional Design Ideas for Your New Custom Garage
Sussel Builders

Functional Design Ideas for Your New Custom Garage

Are you thinking about adding a custom garage to your property? Perhaps you’re considering upgrading your existing, unfinished garage? When it comes to designing a custom garage space, your options are virtually unlimited, so keep that in mind!

Whether you want to add square footage to your livable space or you plan to use your garage strictly for vehicle storage and maintenance, you’ve got endless design options at your disposal. To help get your wheels turning and your creative juices flowing, the expert garage builders at Sussel Garages discuss a couple of helpful design ideas below.

Attic or Storage Space Above the Garage

Just about everyone can use some additional storage space, and adding that space above your new custom garage is never a bad idea. Not only will the added overhead space help increase your overall property value, but it will also ensure you use the structure’s vertical space efficiently. Opting for attic or storage trusses over standard trusses will require a larger up-front investment, but the long-term return is well worth the additional cost.

Garage Door Upgrade

It would be rather counterproductive to invest your time and money into planning and building your dream garage without paying special attention to the garage door. Not only will the primary door be the most noticeable exterior feature of your new custom garage, but it also provides a critical layer of security for the space, so it’s important that you choose carefully.

So what kind of garage door design options can you choose from? The options are virtually endless! That said, selecting the right door to meet your needs depends on a variety of factors, including:

●        Garage door material.

Certain garage door materials perform better than others, so if you’re looking for durability and longevity, keep that in mind. You can select from steel, aluminum, wood composite, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, but be sure to consult with a pro who can advise you on the best material to meet your unique needs and design goals.

●        Security features.

Since the garage door is one of the most vulnerable components of your garage, it’s critical that you determine what kind of security features you’d like it to have. Modern garage door openers can come equipped with a variety of features, such as automatic closing, smartphone operation, lighting controls, rolling entry codes, and much more.

●        Energy efficiency.

Whether or not you’re planning to heat your garage, it’s never a bad idea to opt for an insulated door. For homeowners with attached garages, insulation is especially important since it helps retain heat inside the garage. With an insulated garage door, you’ll enjoy improved household energy efficiency and a considerable improvement in operating noise.  

●        The style of your home.

Generally, you’ll want your garage to either match or complement the exterior style of your home, so you’ll need to factor that into your garage door selection process. If you love the classic look of a wood door but don’t love the idea of maintaining it, you can still achieve that aesthetic using other garage door materials. With modern technology, even steel doors can be overlaid to mimic wood, so don’t assume you’re limited in terms of materials just because your home looks a certain way.

Not sure which style of door is right for your custom garage? At Sussel Garages, we’re here to help. We can advise you on a wide variety of garage door features to help you select the most functional, aesthetic, and secure door to suit your needs. 

Sussel Garages: Your Twin Cities Source for Custom Garage Planning and Construction

At Sussel Garages, we’ve proudly served Twin Cities homeowners for over 100 years, and experienced team is ready to help you plan the garage of your dreams too! When you partner with our team on your upcoming garage project, we take care of it all—from planning and site preparation to electrical system design, windows, doors and more, if you can envision it, we can bring it to life!

If you’re ready to start planning your custom garage, give us a call today at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis). You can also get in touch with us via our contact form or request a free estimate to get started.

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