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Choosing the Right Siding for Your Garage: The Pros & Cons of Fiber Cement & Vinyl Siding
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Choosing the Right Siding for Your Garage: The Pros & Cons of Fiber Cement & Vinyl Siding

Thinking about adding a custom garage to your home? Great! Have you considered what kind of siding you want? Because siding is your garage’s primary form of protection against the outside elements, you’ll need to choose your materials carefully.

At Sussel Garages, we know how critical the right type of siding is for garage longevity, and we’re always here to help you make the best choice for your needs. Below, we’ve outlined the benefits and drawbacks of vinyl and fiber cement siding to help you get clear on your options.

Vinyl Siding: Benefits and Drawbacks

When it comes to garage siding options, vinyl is perhaps the most popular of them all — but should it be? Let’s take a look at what it has to offer in the benefit department:

●        Affordability. In terms of cost, vinyl is probably the leading contender on the inexpensive end of the spectrum. For homeowners on modest budgets, vinyl is a great choice.

●        No painting necessary. Vinyl siding is unique in that it does not require intermittent repainting, while almost all other siding materials require periodic touchups. Because the color is baked into the material, it cannot be scratched off, stripped, or otherwise damaged as a result of environmental impacts.

●        Low maintenance. Due to the slick nature of vinyl siding, it’s easier to clean than many other materials. And, because there’s no chance of paint peeling or deterioration, it’s one of the lowest maintenance siding options on the market.

As far as drawbacks, vinyl certainly has its share. Though the material is low maintenance, in sunny climates, it can be prone to fading, and unfortunately, painting over faded vinyl isn’t usually a lasting solution. Other drawbacks include:

●        Vinyl is not impenetrable. Though vinyl can withstand low-speed impacts, if dense objects collide with the siding with enough force, punctures are possible. If you run into it with a lawn mower or weed eater, be ready to schedule repairs.

●        Splitting and cracking. Extreme weather conditions (especially subzero temperatures) can cause vinyl siding to crack and split. This is especially true when repairs are performed during colder months.

●        Low value. Because vinyl is often perceived as a cheaper siding material, it may not do much in terms of adding value to your home. Depending on your area and the exterior quality of the other homes in your neighborhood, vinyl may actually detract from your home’s value.

Not sure if vinyl is the right siding choice for your project goals and budget? Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our siding contractors for advice! After over 100 years in business, we’re more than confident we can help you choose the right options to suit your needs.

Cement Board Siding: Benefits

Cement siding, also known as fiber cement board, is making its way onto more homes and garages than ever these days. Though this siding material has been on the market for over 100 years, it has long taken a backseat to other popular materials, primarily due to its higher price tag. But, for homeowners looking to invest in high-quality garage siding with outstanding longevity, fiber cement offers several impressive benefits, including:

●        Insect resistance. Don’t want to worry about pest infestations? Since fiber cement provides no edible material for pesky creatures, it’s resistant to termites, carpenter ants, and even woodpeckers.

●        Fire and wind resistance. Non-combustible fiber cement siding is a great way to provide an extra layer of protection for your garage. Plus, since the material is rated for winds up to 150 mph, it’s a solid choice in Minnesota’s tornado-prone climate.

●        Rot resistance. Cement board siding is impervious to water damage, which means there’s zero risk it will rot over time.

●        Low maintenance. Like vinyl, cement board is one of the lowest maintenance siding materials on the market. In fact, because it’s so durable, it may require even less maintenance than vinyl.

●        High-value. In terms of adding value to your property, installing cement board siding is a great choice. It’s durability, aesthetic appeal, and low-maintenance nature make it an attractive choice for prospective buyers. In most cases, fiber cement siding delivers an ROI off approximately 75-90%.

Drawbacks of Cement Board Siding

As with any siding material, cement board has its drawbacks — but the list is relatively brief. And, nearly all of them center around installation, not performance or longevity. What are they? Let’s take a look:

●        Higher cost. As mentioned, fiber cement siding falls on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but that’s because it outperforms less costly materials.

●        Messy installation. Cutting fiber cement boards creates a considerable amount of dust and the installation process requires specialized tools, techniques, and product experience. For garage owners with respiratory issues, excessive dust may be a concern.

●        Considerable weight. The weight of vinyl siding isn’t necessarily a concern for garage owners, simply because cement board installation is never a DIY job. However, the labor cost to install fiber cement is typically higher than that for installation of less weighty siding materials.

●        Time requirement for installation. Due to its considerable weight and specialty installation techniques, opting for fiber cement means you’ll need to allocate more time to complete your garage siding project. Though the time requirement may be a drawback initially, the long-term benefits of fiber cement more than make up for it.

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