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Benefits of Installing Gutters on Your New Garage
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Benefits of Installing Gutters on Your New Garage

Whether you’re adding a new garage to your property or updating your existing garage, protecting the structure against various forms of environmental damage is critical. In the Twin Cities, where average annual precipitation hovers around 30 inches, water damage protection is a persistent concern for residential construction.

At Sussel Garages, we know that a robust gutter system is one of the most effective forms of water damage protection that every garage owner can implement. Below, we have outlined why.

Protection Against Foundation Damage

Without gutters, every drop of runoff from your garage’s roof falls directly outside the structure’s foundation. As water continually penetrates the ground around your garage in the same location, it eventually develops a minor trench, gradually pushing soil away from the garage.

Unfortunately, as soil moves further away from the building, water gradually seeps closer to the foundation. Eventually, water can accumulate so close to the foundation that it penetrates the concrete, weakening it. A foundation continually exposed to water compromises the structural integrity of the entire garage, which is hazardous to garage users and presents a significant repair expense.

A properly designed and installed gutter system efficiently collects roof runoff and directs it away from your garage’s foundation, protecting the structure's integrity. As part of your custom garage plan, you can have your garage builders design and implement a robust gutter system for maximum foundation protection.

Prevent Landscaping Damage & Soil Erosion

Landscaping around your garage is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal, but don’t expect that landscaping to last if you don’t have gutters. Without gutters, rainwater and snowmelt fall directly on the ground around your garage, damaging delicate plants and shifting the soil around them.

Depending on the extent of precipitation, even a single thunderstorm could potentially wipe out hours of landscaping design and installation work. With gutters, however, your garage builders can design the drainage system to direct water away from landscaping beds and loose soil, where it can efficiently flow toward a designated drainage system.

Garage Siding Protection

If you’ve invested in high-quality garage siding, you want it to stand the test of time, right? Unfortunately, even the most robust siding can suffer damage due to frequent water exposure, making gutters a critical installation. What can happen to your siding without gutters?

●          Mold and mildew can develop and proliferate beneath siding panels

●          Siding may rot over time (material dependent)

●          Peeling, cracking, or swelling paint

●          Water damage to soffit and fascia

●          Warping (material dependent)

Gutters effectively prevent siding water damage by directing roof runoff away from the exterior walls of your garage. If you’re not ready to invest hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars in siding repair, installing gutters on your garage is one of the best ways to protect your investment.

Protect Your Garage’s Roof

Consistent precipitation poses a threat to multiple facets of your home, including your roofing structures, and your garage roof is no different. Without gutters, water can find pockets on your roof to collect and sit.

This stagnant water is sure to damage your garage’s shingles and even the underlayment, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace, depending on the garage’s size and the extent of the damage.

Improve Property Value

Practical upgrades are the most effective of the countless things you can do to improve your home’s property value. Installing gutters on your garage bumps up your property value since it significantly increases the lifespan of your garage's roof, foundation, retracting doors, and windows.

So, if you’re looking for ways to get a better appraisal or considering selling in the near future, installing gutters on your garage is a sound investment!

Protects Garage Interior

If you use your garage for a living space or fragile item storage, protecting your interior is a high priority. As mentioned above, your garage’s roof or siding can be damaged without gutters.

A damaged exterior means moisture will find its way into your interior and cause further damage to the items inside. So, installing gutters on your garage projects its longevity and the longevity of your prized possessions!

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