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Benefits & Drawbacks of Installing Steel Siding on Your Garage
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Benefits & Drawbacks of Installing Steel Siding on Your Garage

Selecting the right siding for your new custom garage can feel a little overwhelming. With a plethora of high-quality materials on the market, it can be a challenge to choose the one that best serves your design goals and maintenance capabilities. But those aren’t the only two considerations you’ll need to contemplate. You also need to factor in longevity and potential environmental impacts to make an appropriate siding choice. Below, the expert garage builders at Sussel Garages outline why steel siding is an excellent choice, along with a few of its potential drawbacks.

Advantages of Steel Siding

Steel siding is well known for its incredible durability and longevity. Though historically, it hasn’t been quite as popular in residential applications as other siding materials, metal siding is a fantastic choice for your custom garage for a variety of reasons, including:

●        Lifespan. Because steel is one of the most durable siding materials on the market, it boasts a longer lifespan than most other siding materials. On average, metal siding lasts between 20-40 years, but in many cases, it can last even longer than that!

●        Low maintenance. Once installed, steel siding requires very little maintenance to maintain its protective qualities and aesthetic finish.

●        Moisture resistance. Steel siding is completely moisture resistant, which means your garage will be well-protected against water damage and associated insect infestations and mold development.

●        Fire and wind resistance. Unlike many other siding materials, steel is non-combustible and highly wind resistant, which is essential for Minnesota’s tornado-prone climate.

●        Environmentally Friendly. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly building materials because it can be fashioned from recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable.

Steel Siding: Potential Drawbacks

Though steel siding offers an impressive list of benefits, it does have few drawbacks, including:

●        Higher cost. If budget is a concern, steel siding may not be the most suitable choice. It’s one of the highest cost siding materials on the market; however, that cost reflects its incredible durability and longevity, so in the long run, it may actually save you money.

●        Potential for rust development. Though most steel siding materials feature high-quality coatings designed to prevent rust development, there’s always a risk of oxidation with metal building materials.

Ready to learn more about your steel siding options? Not sure if steel is the right material for your garage? Our expert siding contractors can help guide you through the garage siding selection process, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our team for help!

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