4 Popular Garage Roof Styles: Which Type Is Right for You?

4 Popular Garage Roof Styles: Which Type Is Right for You?

Ready to start planning your new custom garage? Then it’s important to start thinking about the type of roof you want it to have! Many people don’t realize the importance of understanding which garage roof style will best serve their needs, but that doesn’t have to be you.

Knowing which type of roof is best suited to your area, the style of garage you want, and your goals for the structure will help you and your garage builders create a custom plan that meets your every need. Read on to learn what you need to know about popular garage roof styles, so you can start thinking about which type suits your garage plan best. 

Gambrel Roof

Also referred to as a barn roof, a gambrel roof can be an excellent option if you’re looking to add a room above your new custom garage. Whether you’re hoping to create a storage space or additional space for something else, this barn-shaped roof allows for plenty of headroom. It’s more difficult to frame than other types of garage roofs, so keep in mind that the additional framing work will be reflected in the cost of the build.

Gable Roof

You probably already know what a gable roof is; you just aren’t aware of its technical name. This type of roof is the classic, triangle-shaped roof style, and it’s supremely popular on garages everywhere, especially the stand-alone variety.

Depending on the roof pitch (slope of the surface of the roof) you decide to go with, a gable roof can be an excellent choice in areas that receive a lot of snow. When the roof features a considerable slope, it allows for better runoff drainage and prevents heavy snow from accumulating, which can present a hazard to the roof.

If you’d like to prevent excessive snow accumulation on top of your garage, discuss your needs with your garage builders. They’ll help you create a custom garage plan designed around your goals.

Reverse-Gable Roof

A reverse-gable roof features the same type of slope that a gable roof has, but this roof variety swaps the position of the overhead garage door. Rather than having the door sit directly beneath the apex of the roof, a reverse-gable roof positions the door beneath the horizontal edge of the roof.

When it comes to potential benefits, there’s really no difference between a reverse-gable roof and a traditional gable style. This type of roof is simply designed to orient the door differently to accommodate the positioning of the property to the street and the amount of space available to build the garage.  

If you’re interested in having this type of roof, consult with your garage builders as you create your custom building plan. They’ll advise you on the best roof option for the structure.

Hip Roof

Of all your roof options, a hip roof wins the award for offering the best protection from the elements. This type of garage has four sloped planes that converge at the top to form a center apex point or small, flat platform. It also features generous overhangs (roof eaves) on all four sides, which helps prevent roof runoff from falling near the foundation and posing a hazard to your foundation.

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