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11 Surprising Garage Facts You Probably Don’t Know
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11 Surprising Garage Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Ready to learn a few little-known garage facts? At Sussel Garages, we’ve been building custom garages for over 100 years, and in that time, we’ve built upon our expertise each day. We’ve come to know a thing or two about the world of garages, and we’d like to share some interesting tidbits of our knowledge.

Below, we’ve listed a few facts about one of the hardest-working rooms in your home to help determine whether building a custom garage is right for you.

1) 82 Million American Homes Have Garages

About 59% of the houses in America have garages. That’s enough space to shelter every single car that was made in 2013. That’s also plenty of space for enjoying all the activities that homeowners utilize their garage for, so why not customize a garage that adheres to your specifications?

2) Over 50% of Homeowners Practice Hobbies in Their Garage

Your garage should be an extension of your house, not just a neglected storage space! With over half of Americans reporting that they practice hobbies and other activities in their garages, clearly, millions of people understand the importance of having a functional garage.

If you’re longing for a versatile, functional space where you can store stuff, veg out, practice hobbies, get a workout in, or whatever else you want to do, it’s time to consider building a custom garage. Our team at Sussel Garages can help you design a garage plan that meets your every want and need. Get in touch with us today to discuss your design vision!

3) Just 11% of Homeowners Say They’re Satisfied With Their Existing Garage

Unfortunately, few homeowners claim they’re satisfied with their existing garage. Are you one of them? Whether you don’t have enough space, your garage is cluttered, or the area isn’t designed to meet your functional needs, fixing the problem is relatively simple.

When you work with a custom garage builder, you get to design and plan the space according to your unique vision. The end result? A garage you’re fully satisfied with and a new room in your home where you can do whatever you like. 

4) 80% of Homeowners Factor in the Garage When Buying a Home

Are you planning to sell your house in the near future? Does your existing garage augment or detract from the value of your home? If the space is in disrepair, it’ll benefit you to whip it into shape before you list your property.

Since a large majority of prospective home buyers will factor in the condition and functionality of the garage when making a purchase decision, it’s important to have a well-designed, versatile space. 

5) The Average Garage Door Opens and Closes Over 1,500 Times Per Year

The garage door is the true workhorse of the entire space. This is why selecting the right door is so critical, not only for long-term performance but also for enhancing the value of the room.

A high-quality door constructed from the most durable, long-lasting materials will ensure years of longevity and structural protection. Don’t skimp here — you’ll end up having far more problems than a lower price point is worth.

6) 52% of Homeowners Want Their Neighbors to Envy Their Garage

Are you one of those homeowners? Then it’s time to get in touch with an experienced garage builder to design your custom garage. At Sussel Garages, it’s our goal to help you bring your design and functionality vision to life, which is why we work closely with you to develop a garage plan that meets your every need.

We take care of every aspect of the garage planning and construction process, including:

●        Size, location, and elevation planning

●        Site preparation

●        Foundation and planning and construction

●        Visual elements, including roof style, shingle style, siding, soffit, fascia, garage door options, window options, and more

●        Heating and electrical planning and installation

7) 24% of Homeowners Report Feeling Embarrassed to Leave Their Garage Door Open

Do you have an unkempt, outdated garage? Are you among the homeowners who never leave the door open out of sheer embarrassment? Let our team at Sussel Garages help you change that! We’ll help you create a garage you’re proud of, and more importantly, that you look forward to using on a daily basis.

8) 55% of Families Use the Garage as Their Primary Entrance

If you are part of the 71% of families that enter their home through the garage, then you want to have a garage you enjoy walking through. You also want your garage to be safe to walk through.

Potential hazards include towering boxes or storage bins, wet and slippery floors, and insufficient lighting. By renovating your garage, you can eliminate those potential hazards with proper shelves, textured and non-slip floors, and quality lighting.

9) Recoup 80-90% of ROI o a New Garage Door

When you’re ready to replace your garage door, you can bet that you won’t lose a lot of money in the process. The ROI of a new garage door is approximately 80-90% of the cost you put into it. You’ll also receive the added benefits of a stylish new door, better insulation, and fewer repairs.

10) Garage Doors Make Up 30% of the Look of Your House

To add another reason to upgrade your garage door is that it makes up 30% of the look of your house. The eye is typically drawn to the largest area, which usually is the garage. When considering an upgrade, you’ll want to make sure your new garage’s style is seamless with the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

11) Garages are About 45% of Your Home’s Square Footage

In 1915, average garages only made up about 8% of the total square footage of American homes. Now, garages have expanded to about 45% of your home’s total square footage. That’s a lot of space that can be utilized for something other than cars and storage.

Ready to Plan Your Custom Garage? Contact Sussel Garages

If you’re ready to discuss a custom garage plan, our team at Sussel Garages is ready to help you bring your vision to life. To learn more about our services or request a free estimate, give us a call today at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis). You can also send us a message online, and we’ll be in touch!

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