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5 Reasons To Choose LP Smartside for Your New Garage
Sussel Builders

5 Reasons To Choose LP Smartside for Your New Garage

It’s finally happening; your custom garage is in progress! From inception to the first slab of concrete poured, all the way to garage door installation, it’s almost time to enjoy your new space for whatever you intend it to be. However, you’re not done yet!

Choosing and installing exterior parts, like siding, is often overlooked for garages but just as crucial to the whole structure! That’s why it is best to research the types of exterior materials that meet your needs.

Luckily, there’s one that may fit your criteria: LP SmartSide Siding! Let’s take a look at the reasons why you might end up choosing this material.

1.   Durable

Whether you choose fiber cement or vinyl, LP SmartSide Siding stands with the sturdiest materials on the market. LP SmartSide siding blends the toughest materials and creation process to achieve a long lifespan with a high impact rating, easily withstanding blows from golf balls to baseball-sized hail!

2.   Rot & Pest Resistant

LP SmartSiding siding is composed of engineered wood infused with minerals like borate and zinc, giving it an almost-impervious shield against the elements. Every piece of siding is coated with high-quality wax and strength binders, giving it the utmost protection against rot-related damage and pest invasion.

3.   (Almost) Seamless Finish

The fewer seams on a siding install, the better. More seams do not do any favors for your curb appeal while giving more areas for moisture to find its way in. LP SmartSide has, on average, more extended panels than competitors. These panels cover more of your exterior, so attaching shorter pieces to fit is less of an issue.

4.   Endless Design Options

LP SmartSide siding has a vast array of colors for you to choose from. However, if no available color fits your taste, LP SmartSide siding has custom color options, so you can find the perfect hue!

5.   Sustainability

The biggest drawback of vinyl siding is the lack of recyclability. LP SmartSide siding’s wood elements make it sustainable, so you know the material draws back to the earth once it’s uninstalled. Additionally, LP SmartSide siding is a part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative!

Call on Sussel Garages for Your Custom Garage Needs

Sussel Garages proudly install LP SmartSide siding on our projects, but we are not limited to it!

Sussel Garages deliver many features and options from the first shovel dig to the last shingle.

Receive a free estimate online or call us at 651-645-0331 (St. Paul) or 612-379-0949 (Minneapolis!)

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